GAHIA General Meeting 2020

Thursday, December 17, 2020
at 11:30 am in the first call, and at 12:00 pm in the second call




1. Approval of the minutes of the previous meeting (18/11/2019).


2. Examination of the report on activities and approval, if appropriate, of the management of Board of Directors during the year 2020:


2.1. Report from the President.

2.2. Appointment of new members who have applied since the last Ordinary General Assembly (18/11/2019).

2.3. Determination of the date and place of the III Workshop of the GAHIA International Association and the next General Assembly 2021.

2.4. Status of the “GAHIA Monographs” Collection.


3. Approval, if appropriate, of the program of activities:


3.1. Calendar of actions of the Association planned for 2021.

3.2. Application for renewal of Spanish Research Projects that support the functioning of the Association.

3.3. GAHIA’s specific economic funds: decisions to be made.

3.4. Review of compliance with statutory actions.

3.5. Renewal and update of GAHIA’s official website:


4. Requests and questions.