The international association «Geography And Historiography in Antiquity» (GAHIA) is a non-profit organization created in accordance with the art. 22 of Spanish Constitution.

Its nature is academic and its foundation is the result of the cooperation among three research projects financed by the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness and led, respectively, by prof. Francisco J. González Ponce (Universidad de Sevilla), prof. Francisco Javier Gomez Espelosín (Universidad de Alcalá de Henares), and prof. Gonzalo Cruz Andreotti (Universidad de Málaga).

GAHIA’s scientific purposes are the study of ancient geographical thought and its implications in Greco-Roman historiography, the spreading of knowledge of ancient historical geography, and the promotion and dissemination of these disciplines in all their sides, from antiquity to the present, as well as the collaboration with other national and international institutions interested in these studies.

The association’s main aspiration is to become a common platform for scholars from around the world dealing with such researches, to coordinate some ongoing projects, and to promote and disseminate in all academic domains the studies on the historical geography and the historiography of Greco-Roman world, with special reference to fragmentary literature.

Among GAHIA’s most ambitious goals there are the valorization of young researchers and the full disclosure of the scientific results obtained by its members.

Among its members GAHIA counts some of the most influential scholars on ancient geography and historiography, and is open to all the interested researchers.